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I'm Lou Gideon, writer, actress and "Wrap Artist." Soon I'll be adding a lot more anti-cancer/great-tips-for-staying-healthy type information to this website, but for now, it's the place to order my book, That's a Wrap! 29 Easy and Elegant Head Wrapping Styles for the Tress-less Chemo Babe.

Let me take a moment to tell you how the idea for this book came about. 

When I was diagnosed with Stage 2B ductal invasive breast cancer in March, 2009 - after the smoke had cleared as to plotting out my personal game plan for fighting this awful disease - I was still left with the not-so-menacing-yet-still-a-concern question of how I was going to deal with losing my hair. Not to be shallow here, you still have to admit it - hair is often treated as a big deal in our society!

Going into hiding certainly wasn’t an option. This malady had surfaced mid-paragraph in a jam-packed chapter of my life, complete with meetings and luncheons and projects and heck, I even had a party or two on the calendar! Bald? Really? For at least 10 months?


I knew that for me, wigs were not an option, either, since I find them to be headache-provoking and itchy. (Yes. Even the expensive ones.) And I saw that many of the head wrap choices offered in the catalogues my medical team had given me, as well as choices online, can give a girl that domey-headed "I'm in treatment" look. Besides, even if I ordered something from either place, who knew if the blues or browns in the fabric would actually match the blues or browns in my wardrobe once the head wrap arrived in the mail?

Remember that old adage, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention?" Well, I soon found myself experiencing it. One day as I was driving past a fabric shop, I wandered inside, and after several hours of creative play, emerged with the beginning of a plan I was happy with and even a little bit excited about. A plan that's been greatly expanded upon, explained and documented for you in my eBook, That's a Wrap! This is the book I wish I'd held in my hands when I was dealing with my own chemo-related hair loss. Not only does it give you a multitude of ideas for easy, great-looking head cover plans (that are going to match the colors in your wardrobe), but you also have me as a personal mentor to go along the journey with you - someone who's already been through the bald experience and come out successfully on the other side.

If That's a Wrap! had a mantra, it would be "If you and I have to go through this, let's do it with some style!"

I'm glad you're here at my site. And it's my hope that That's a Wrap! will make your present journey a brighter one.

Lou Gideon