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 Praise for That's a Wrap!

"Louan Gideon's story of triumph in the face of cancer is proof that it's not protection from adversity that leads to a joyful life; it's finding meaning and purpose in even the most challenging of circumstances. Loaded with inspiration, hope and evidence of the indomitable human spirit, this book not only teaches women who lose their hair from cancer how to feel beautiful; it also reminds us that illness, when viewed from a place of empowerment, rather than victimhood, can be a potent opportunity for awakening.  Read on to learn how to wrap your bald head with beautiful swaths of comfortable silk. But don't forget to read between the lines so you can adorn not only your head, but your heart."

 - Lissa Rankin, integrative medicine physician, author, speaker, artist, and founder of the online communities LissaRankin.com and OwningPink.com

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"Brilliant! This book is going to help so many women…I can't wait to share it with my patients!"

-T. Hyer Nurse Navigator, Hope Woman's Cancer Center, Asheville, NC

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“A must have for anyone going through the cancer experience, That's A Wrap! enlightens us with a thoughtful and honest approach to what can be a very challenging time. By sharing her humor and incredible style sense, Lou is able to simplify a look worthy of all the beautiful women out there. It's like having a girlfriend helping you through the process! I wish I had this book when I went through my treatment!”

 - Jan Ping, Cancer survivor/Emmy-Award-Winning Make-Up Artist for Dr. Phil McGraw

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"As a physician, I am only too aware that restoring a cancer patient's self-image and self-confidence is as important as administering her chemotherapy. Lou Gideon's eloquently written and beautifully illustrated That's a Wrap! is not only an excellent practical guide, but also a work that will empower you to handle chemotherapy-induced hair loss with dignity."

- Vladimir Lange MD, Breast Cancer Husband Survivor and author of the series, Be a Survivor–Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment. 

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That’s a Wrap! is a book I will recommend to all my patients and to all those looking to buy a special gift for a friend that is starting chemotherapy.”

 - David J. Hetzel, MD Hope Women's Cancer Center, Asheville, NC

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"What a wonderful book for women going through cancer treatment! This book is so well written and has such great stories, it brought me to tears at times as well as making me laugh! The instructions are so very clear about how to tie the headwraps, creating a marvelous alternative, as well as addition, to any woman's wardrobe during hair loss. I know this book will be a huge help to women everywhere battling not only cancer, but also the devestating effects it has on their appearance. Thank you Lou for your vision, your creativity and your love for women by sharing what you learned during your journey through treatment."

 - Earleen Bennett Founder, Beauty Through Cancer

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“Our patients appreciate Lou’s generosity in sharing her ideas and techniques to benefit others going through the same appearance issues.”

 -  Janet S. McCloskey, Associate Director, Special Programs Development Office, MD Anderson in Houston